Monday, March 16, 2009

What to Do With All Those Plastic Bags?

Now as much as I diligently try to remember my reusable shopping bag, there are times when I end up at the grocery store without one. Or as I found out over Thanksgiving, my mom hoards them to line her trash cans (yeah mom for reusing). So after a while, if you are like me, you end up with a nice supply that I usually take some place to be recycled.

Here's an interesting alternative:

Marlo's Crochet Corner gives instructions on how to crochet your very own recycled plastic tote in several designs including instructions on how to make a plastic ball of "yarn". Now I haven't crocheted in years, but I found the process fairly simple. I'm probably 1/2 of the way done with my gigantic tote (ok so I went a little crazy with it). But it seems likes it's going to be an extremely durable bag great for the beach!

Click here for instructions!

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