Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homemade Surf Wax

So the other day, after watching the new documentary A Sea Change at the DC Environmental Film Festival, I got to thinking... so what's is in my surf wax? (Ok, probably not the first question I person could ask themselves, but I figure I could directly impact this one). So a quick Google search and I found that yes in deed it's all petroleum based ingredients. You could go to a surf shop and pick some up (I hear Matunas Surf Wax is really good), but I'm a big fan of making stuff at home. Another quick Google search lead me to a recipe on Surfing-Waves.com for Organic Surf Wax:

Here are the ingredients:

Coconut Oil
Tree Resin (cool water wax only)

For Sticky Warm Water Surf Wax :
You need only two ingredients, the Beeswax and the Coconut oil. With this recipe you don't have to worry about the scent as it will smell really nice already.
1. Melt 2250g of beeswax wax
2. Warm 750ml oil
3. Stir into the wax until fully mixed.
4. Pour into Paper cups and let it set.
There is a temptation to use other vegetable oils. Don't bother. Coconut is the one.

For Sticky Cool Water Surf Wax :
The mixture now is 3 parts Beeswax, 1 part coconut oil and 1 part tree resin. Make in the same way adding the beeswax coconut oil and tree resin together and stirring well.

FYI...Tree resin can be bought in the form of granulated incense (as used by the Catholic Church). I did a little googling and found the best place to buy is incense shops. You don't need the fancy stuff.

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