Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creative Ways to Recycle: Reuseable Sandwich Bags

I absolutely hate washing out and drying Ziploc(r) bags and I can't imagine it being anyone's favorite thing to do. So, today I stumbled across some inventive ways to make your own reusable (and stylish) bags.
From The Party Dress blog:

Here’s the how-to:
1. Cut a rectangle approximately 8 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ out of oilcloth with pinking shears or sharp scissors.
2. Turn edges under 1/4″ and stitch with machine.
3. With wrong sides facing each other, fold over oilcloth leaving 2-1/2″ of extra material for the flap.
4. Stitch along sides to form the pocket.
5. Attach velcro on flap and pocket of bag.
6. Enjoy your reusable sandwich bag and hand wash with soap and water.

CraftStylish also has some easy-to-follow directions using polyurethane laminated fabrics (i.e. table cloth material - great use for an old table cloth!)

You can also check out ehow for Reusable Sandwich Wrap directions.

Not feeling crafty? Check out these sites:
  • The Reusable Fresh Snack Pack is washable and see-through. As a plus, the flap can fold out to become a handy place mat.
  • Dajo Bags come in sandwich and snack sizes (a cute drawstring style) that look like they'd fit anybody's lunch needs.
  • 3 Green Moms offer the lunch skins which can hold both sandwiches and snacks in one convenient size.
  • Snack Taxi is another sandwich style bag that comes in a variety of colors.
  • Wrap-N-Mat unfolds completely for easy cleaning and to act as a place mat while eating.
  • Happy Sacks offers a variety of different reusable and biodegradable bags, as well as boxes, utensils and bottles.

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