Monday, May 18, 2009

Monsanto: Corrupting 4-H'ers?

I had many good years in the 4-H organization, so I'm going to hate being the bearer of unhappy tiding. This just came up on the Facebook story links and I wish I knew this was coming so close; I'd love to be there to ask the "tough" questions.
Maryland 4-H Members Inspired by Monsanto Mobile Technology Unit

On April 7, 26 Montgomery County, MD; 4-H members and volunteers were invited to tour Monsanto's Mobile Technology Unit (MTU) on a one-day stop in Washington, D.C. Monsanto and the USDA partnered to provide this educational tour of the Monsanto MTU, a unique showcase of agricultural science and innovation for invited VIP's and legislators and local 4-H and FFA members.

Representing Maryland were members of three Montgomery County 4-H groups: the Lucky Clovers 4-H Club, the Back in Time 4-H Ag Science group, and the Horticulture Project group of the Damascus Community 4-H Club.
The Mobile Technology Unit is a 53-foot long, 1,000 square-foot interactive display featuring Monsanto's latest advances in seed breeding, biotechnology, and new product development designed to help farmers be successful. For the 4-H members, it opened their eyes to career possibilities in bio-research. This one-of-a-kind, hands-on exhibit highlights how:
  • Monsanto seed breeders are using "exotic" seed germplasm from around the world to develop new, high-performing crops for U.S. farmers.
  • Advanced new biotech genes are being developed that not only provide improved weed and insect control, but also improved stress tolerance, healthier food oils and stronger yields.
  • Enhanced molecular breeding tools can greatly increase the chances of finding an ideal combination of "high-yield" genes - one in five, compared to two in one trillion using conventional breeding.
This just scared me when I read this. I just I'll have to be one to tell them the other side of the story.

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