Monday, April 20, 2009

Sherman's Lagoon is Now a Musical!

Sherman's Lagoon, the Musical is a hilarious adventure back in time to when Kapupu Lagoon was a kinder, gentler place; while introducing the audience to the strip's already well-loved characters (e.g. Sherman, Hawthorne, Fillmore, and Ernest,) it highlights the dating trials and tribulations of Sherman and Megan.

Listen to the soundtrack on iTunes or Rhapsody.

The audience also meets some new characters: Ernest's smarter little sister, Bentley, a doo-wop chorus called "The Shallow Soles," and the Musical's two antagonists: the hoary ol' fisherman, Cap'n Quigley, and his new accomplice, the Nifty Fish Niblets Queen, Mrs. Gorton. Together, these two dastardly villains plot to vacuum up the oceans of the world - until not a single fish remains!

Complications ensue as Fillmore decides to head off to the Annual Ascension Island Sea Turtle Jamboree, the Big Kahuna's dating advice is cryptic and no help (as usual,) Ernest thinks he has the solution - but doesn't, and Hawthorne is, well, Hawthorne. By the end of the show, Sherman finds himself having to actually save the Lagoon!

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